Muslim Fam Trip Aug 2015 (PART 1:JEJU ISLAND)




During the early August 2015, KTO KL has organized a FAM Trip for selected travel agents and Muslim journalist to explore more on the Muslim friendly destinations and to check out new attractions in Jeju Island, Gangwon province, Gyeonggi province and Seoul. Since we at Korea Tourism Kuala Lumpur has been receiving a lot inquiries on traveling for Muslims in Jeju Island, we invited the travel agents and the journalist so that they can experience by themselves that it is actually quite easy to find Muslim friendly restaurants in Jeju Island! Since Jeju is famous for its global natural sight theme and of course seafood cuisine, we got to visit several natural attractions and try out various kinds of seafood dishes there throughout our stays in the island.



After our arrival at the Incheon airport, we departed to to Gimpo Airport for our domestic flight to Jeju Island. Once we arrived, we were greeted with the representatives from Jeju Tourism Organization, Mr James and Ms Yuri and our beloved tour guide Sunny Hong ^^ Since we were quite exhausted from our continuous flights, Sunny took us to the seafood restaurant called 용두골 (Yeongdugeol) which is located at Seohaean-ro in Jeju-si. We tasted the 우럭조림(Ureok Jorim) which is the spicy fish stew cooked with radish and green onion. The spiciness had definitely taken away all of our fatigue from traveling. We then proceed to the O’Sulloc Green Tea Museum to learn more about tea history and tea culture. We tried out the famous green tea ice-cream and learnt about the local green tea products available at the café there. We also had a quick visit to the charming Innisfree Jeju House and were mesmerized by the ever-stretching green tea farm located next to it.  



Our next location to visit was the beautiful Camellia Hill which is located in the Seogwipo city. Even though we were there during summertime, we could still see the beautiful camellia and hydrangea flowers there! They have introduced the ‘SELF SNAP PROJECT 2015’ where you can take your Wedding, Couple, or Family photos there on your own at the decorated sites in the garden. The garden would definitely bring out the romantic side of you since we noticed a lot of couples were there to take their DIY Couple Photo ^^  I would definitely recommend Malaysians to visit here during Spring season as you can witness the fresh burst of colours flourish from the grounds of the flower beds.



Next we visited the Joanne Teddy Bear Museum which is located in Jungmun Resort Complex in the Seogwipo City. We were fascinated to learn that all the teddy bears were made from all natural materials We certainly enjoyed the backyard orchard view from the second floor of the museum.  We got to try out the ice-cream there in the adorable teddy bear-shaped cup and it just made the ice-cream taste even nicer!



Our last destination of the day is the newly opened PLAY K-POP by the Jeju Jungmun Resort. This is definitely the highlight of the day as the place is great for K-POP enthusiasts especially for youngsters. We experienced the ‘LIVE 360 3D’ show which features PSY as the main character and the awesome Hologram Concert with 2NE1. We totally had immense of fun acting up like one of the K-Pop stars as you can actually take picture with virtual image of stars like Big Bang and 2NE1 and experienced the almost real-like broadcasting since you can dance and sing together with them at the Dancing Room and Recording Room. We ended up our day with having scrumptious seafood stew and abalone porridge at the nearby seafood restaurant and proceed to our accommodation. 


 Our Day 2 started off early with our journey to Udo Island. It takes around 40 minutes traveling by ferry to reach there. It was quite windy in Udo Island so we didn’t mind hiking up the Udo Peak even during summertime ^^ It is a nice weather actually to do enjoy some hiking activities and even horseback riding. We visited the Seobin Baeksa beach and the view of the vast sea was so breathtaking. We spent some time there, admiring the white sandy beach and vivid shades of seawater with gradation of aquamarine blue to turquoise as the water get shallower.  


We went on tour throughout the whole island after that and stopped by for dessert break. Since Udo Island is famous for its local grown peanut, you can see several shops there selling peanut ice-cream and peanut chocolate, not forgetting the mouth-watering hallabong ice-cream. It was definitely a perfect companion during summertime and we truly enjoyed having it there while enjoying the view of the whole island and the beautiful sea.


We experienced the thrilling speedboat ride right after we reached the Seongsan port back. It was extremely exhilarating as the coxswain performed some stunts and made 360 degrees on the water! All of us were pretty much soaked in the seawater due to splashes during the speedboat ride that day. Our exciting journey did not stop there as we went up hiking and the Seongsan Ilchubong and watched the remarkable Hanyeo performance (read: women divers singing about their hard life experience and encouraging each other before diving into the sea to capture seafood in coastal water). 



We had a light lunch at Paris Baguette located right outside of Seongsan Ilchubong and had something simple crabmeat sandwich and vegetable sandwich. We heard from out tour guide that the owner of this Paris Baguette is going to produce halal chicken sandwich for the convenience of Muslim tourists there soon. Well, that is such good news for all of us! ^^ After all those hiking and extreme boat ride, we alleviated our exhaustion with some shopping activities at the Jungang Underground Shopping Center. We finished up our second day with having dinner at the seafood restaurant with the scrumptious raw fish slices, octopus, and grilled abalone. 


We started off our journey on our last day to Ecoland which is located in Jeju-si. This amusement park is built with eco-friendly being the main theme of this attraction. It is a great place to bring your family especially kids as they can learn more about the ecosystem and also nature and its surrounding. We hopped on the Baldwin train and got off at the each of the station. Our first stop was the Eco Bridge station where you can see the beautiful scenery of the lake and try out the Hovercraft there too. Our second stop was the Lakeside station where the gorgeous Eco windmill was located. Next, we moved the Picnic Garden station where you can find various trails to explore the forest. We learnt that the forest has significant function in regulating the temperature of the island. You can also experience walking barefoot on the Scoria and be one with the nature. It is definitely a great place for families with young kids as you can see various types of animals there throughout your train journey. 



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