Korean Language Class January 2018 Intake - KLC Sejong 2A

Instructor & Class Information

Registration 15 December 2017 Until 24 December 2017
Class Session 10 January 2018 Until 16 May 2018
Class Duration 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Credits 2 Hours
Venue KL Korea Plaza
Total Seats 30 Student(s)
Instructor Park Young Hee

Class Introduction

Korea Plaza KL

King Sejong Institute

Korean Language Class Schedule

January 2018 Intake




  1. The classes are FREE and open ONLY for Kaki Korea Club (KKC) members. Click HERE to register as a member.
  2. Kaki Korea Club (KKC) members will be accepted to attend ONE class only so make sure you apply for the right class which is suitable with your Korean language proficiency.
  3. The classes will consist of 18 weeks of language course.

       √  Semester Period : Begins from 8th January 2018 ~ 9th May 2018 

        √  Study Week : 14th May 2018 ~ 16th May 2018

        √  Exam Period : 21st May 2018 ~ 23rd May 2018

 * class & exam periods are subject to change from time to time


     4. For students that have attended classes for previous semester (June 2017 Intake) and wish to continue for the new semester, please refer to below details :

         i) Students from Class level 1 in June 2017 intake = May apply for Sejong 2 class

         ii) Students from Class level 2 in June 2017 intake = May apply for Sejong 3 class

         iii) Students from Class level 3 in June 2017 intake = May apply for Sejong 4 class


     5. The students selection will be done randomly by the management & the management has the full rights in making its decision in selecting the students.

       √  Selected students list will be announced on 29th December 2017



  • The language level offered is BEGINNER stage only which consists of 4 levels:

Sejong 1 - suitable for applicant with zero knowledge of the language

Sejong 2 - suitable for applicant with strong basic knowledge of the language

Sejong 3 - suitable for applicant with advance knowledge of the language, example: ability to write short essay

Sejong 4 - suitable for applicant with advance knowledge of the language and able to converse and write long essay).


  • Applicant is advisable to apply according to his/her language proficiency.
  • Please refer to the classes contents schedule before applying for the enrollment.



  1. The management views class attendance as an individual student responsibility. Kaki Korea Club members MUST be ready to be fully committed in attending the class once they are being selected.
  2. Attendance will be recorded strictly and selected students are expected to attend all their scheduled classes.



  1. Certificate will be given to student who successfully passed the exam with good score + attendance evaluation after the end of semester.
  2. The test contents will be based on each level syllabus.
  3. To qualify a certificate, attendance must be exceed at least 80% + exam result must be at least 60%. If the student didn't meet these 2 conditions, they might be fail. (For e.g; A student get 100% exam but attendance rate is 79%, then FAIL)



For those who have been selected to be the Korean language class January 2018 intake students, kindly please take note :

  1. No replacement class will be given to those who are absence with / without notice.
  2. Change of class request will not be entertained.
  3. If you are unable to attend the class for the whole semester, kindly inform to us so that we can give the opportunity to those who really can commit for the class. 
  4. Attending class on behalf or name changing is strictly prohibited. Class auto-drop applies immediately once students violated this rule despite any reason.

*The Rules & Regulations will be updated from time to time (if there is any)


Registration Closed on 24 December 2017

Shortlisted Student

# Shortlisted Name
1 lngeau9
2 Karumensan
3 fazliyanafathil
4 konmeiphin628
5 soniccl
6 iqa
7 Eneres Weil
9 Ying Ying 93
10 aida187
11 AhlamAhmed
12 im_mayling
13 MarinaOhSunshine
14 Jacqweii
15 Dove
17 sjshuijing
18 Kitmun1234
19 veleria ng
20 rppoh
21 Jeng Eng
22 islandku
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