Learn Korean Language with K-Drama (September 2017)

Instructor & Class Information

Registration 27 August 2017 Until 04 September 2017
Class Session 07 September 2017 Until 28 September 2017
Class Duration 12:30 PM ~ 2:30 PM
Credits 2 Hours
Venue Korea Plaza KL
Total Seats 35 Student(s)
Instructor Kim

Class Introduction

Learn Korean Language with K-Drama (September 2017)


One of the convenient way to learn Korean is through Korean dramas. As the K-dramas has been popular in our country for quite sometimes, why not you join this class to strengthen your skill in Korean language.

The purpose of this program is to expose students to useful communication skills and Korean culture through Korean drama for their future undertaking purposes. So, this class will be another platform for intermediate students to improve their skills.

The class will be conducted by a Korean teacher, Ms Kim Mi Hyang.


Check out the schedule below for the contents on what you will learn within this month classes!



  1. The classes are FREE and open ONLY for Kaki Korea Club (KKC) members. Click HERE to register as a member.
  2. The classes will consist of 4 weeks of language course for every Thursday.

√  Semester Period : Begins from 7th September 2017 ~ 28th September 2017 



  • The language level offered is for INTERMEDIATE stage only and welcoming students who are from Sejong 3 and Sejong 4.



Registration Closed on 04 September 2017

Shortlisted Student

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1 evelynmartha
2 ericachan25
3 latifahnh
4 berry2112
5 tje0305
7 chrisyapyc
8 Ronnyque
9 Katielee
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14 NicoleFoo
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