Korean Cooking Class - 24 April 2018 (Tuesday)

Instructor & Class Information

Registration 12 April 2018 Until 24 April 2018
Class Session 24 April 2018 Until 24 April 2018
Class Duration 2PM ~ 4PM
Credits 2 Hours
Venue Korea Plaza KL
Total Seats 40 Student(s)
Instructor Mdm Shin Pil Hyo

Class Introduction

Menu 1: Soybean Stew (Doenjang-Jjigae '된장찌개')

Soybean Stew (Doenjang-Jjigae '된장찌개') is a stew made with fermented soybean paste, doenjang. Doenjang is traditionally homemade. Tofu is typically added along with some vegetables. It is one of the most representative dishes of everyday home-cooked Korean meals. Doenjang is an essential part of the Korean cuisine, and every Korean home has it all year round. Its deep, rich flavor is created by several months of fermentation and aging.


Menu 2: Stir Fried Dried Pollock (Gochujang Hwangtaechae Bokkeum '고추장 황태채 볶음')

Stir Fried Dried Pollock (Gochujang Hwangtaechae Bokkeum '고추장 황태채 볶음') is a dried pollock (bugeo) is traditionally known to have great health benefits in Korea. In general, it is said to have the ability to help the body get rid of toxins and also recover more quickly from a hangover.


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Korean Cooking Class is offered FREE of charge by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO). It will be conducted in English by an experienced Korean chef, Madam Shin (Shin Sonsengnim). Join our class at Korea Plaza to learn more about Korean traditional culture, while learning the secret recipe of Soybean Stew and Stir Fried Dried Pollock.


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