Korean Cooking Class - 6 June 2017 (Tuesday)

Instructor & Class Information

Registration 24 May 2017 Until 06 June 2017
Class Session 06 June 2017 Until 06 June 2017
Class Duration 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Credits 2 Hours
Venue Korea Plaza KL
Total Seats 40 Student(s)
Instructor Mdm Shin Pil Hyo

Class Introduction

Menu 1: Spicy Braised Chicken Wings (Maeun Daknalgae Jorim ‘매운 닭날개 조림')

Who doesn’t love chicken wings? How about pulling a scrumptious lip-smacking delicious piece of meat out of its bone and let the flavour explode in your mouth, while enjoying a glass of refreshing cold drinks, sounds absolutely tasty, doesn’t it? Chicken wings are surely crowd-pleaser and definitely my go-to dish whenever I run out of dinner ideas.



Menu 2: Cucumber Side Dish (Oi Nunsseob Namul ’오이눈썹나물')

The cucumbers are initially pickled in some fine sea salt to drain the water out, then squeezed. Soon after that, it is stir-fried briefly in a pan then it is coated with sesame seeds and sesame oil. Voilà! So simple! This sautéed cucumber side dish is a good alternative dish if you (or your kids) are not into spicy cucumber dishes



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Korean Cooking Class is offered FREE of charge by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO). It will be conducted in English by an experienced Korean chef, Madam Shin (Shin Sonsengnim). Join our class at Korea Plaza to learn more about Korean traditional culture, while learning the secret recipe of Spicy Braised Chicken Wings and Cucumber Side Dish.



Registration Closed on 06 June 2017

Shortlisted Student

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1 shinghuei
2 Christine Choy
3 JoanneLow
4 jajajalilah
5 kwonghf33
6 Kakidurian
7 chinml
8 Janet Yong
9 teohjunjun
10 tangfookseng
11 latifahnh
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14 changyin
15 tje0305
16 Joo Hyeon Lee
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19 AhlamAhmed
21 Mimie Yumie
22 EvieGlitz
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25 Hamdah
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29 Jafarruhil
30 Estelle
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36 Cheang
37 Angela
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41 carolzhangcheng
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49 soonmee
50 Yoshiko Ishida
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