Korean Cooking Class - 23 May 2017 (Tuesday)

Instructor & Class Information

Registration 16 May 2017 Until 23 May 2017
Class Session 23 May 2017 Until 23 May 2017
Class Duration 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Credits 2 Hours
Venue Korea Plaza
Total Seats 40 Student(s)
Instructor Mdm Shin Pil Hyo

Class Introduction

Menu 1: Sweet potato starch noodles stir fried with vegetables (Japchae ‘잡채')

Japchae, sweet potato starch noodles stir fried with vegetables and meat, is one of Korea’s best-loved dishes.

If anyone asks me to recommend a good potluck dish, I don’t hesitate to answer japchae for the simple reason that pretty much everyone loves it. At any gathering it’s hard to pass up these chewy, sweet, and slightly slippery noodles with colorful stir-fried vegetables and mushrooms, its irresistible sesame flavor, healthy amount of garlic, and light, refreshing taste.



Menu 2: Radish Kimchi (Kkakdugi ’깍두기')

Kkakdugi is a type of kimchi made from diced radish. It’s a very common kind of kimchi and often used in Korean everyday meals along with baechu kimchi (napa cabbage kimchi).



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Korean Cooking Class is offered FREE of charge by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO). It will be conducted in English by an experienced Korean chef, Madam Shin (Shin Sonsengnim). Join our class at Korea Plaza to learn more about Korean traditional culture, while learning the secret recipe of Japchae and Kkakdugi.



Registration Closed on 23 May 2017

Shortlisted Student

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1 tje0305
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4 Yoshiko Ishida
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6 mimiangel
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8 teohjunjun
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