Korean Cooking Class - 14 March 2017 (Tuesday)

Instructor & Class Information

Registration 07 March 2017 Until 14 March 2017
Class Session 14 March 2017 Until 14 March 2017
Class Duration 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Credits 2 Hours
Venue Korea Plaza KL
Total Seats 40 Student(s)
Instructor Mdm Shin Pil Hyo

Class Introduction

Menu 1: Korean Mixed Rice with Fish Roe (Nalchial Bibimbap ‘날치알비빔밥')

Bibimbap (Korean mixed rice) is a dish mixed of cooked white rice, vegetables, beef, garnishes and red pepper paste. It is said that this dish is originated from the customs of memorial services and rural villages of Korea. There are many types of Bibimbap and this time and additional item 'Nalchial (Fish Roe)' will be used to as one of the ingredients in preparing this dish. This dish is very easy to prepare as we will just need to mix all of the ingredients together.



Menu 2: Pumpkin Pancake (Neulgeun Hobakjeon ’늙은 호박전')

Fall is here! Korean style pumpkin pancake is a great to way to turn common pumpkins and squash into a delightful snack. It is usually enjoyed as a snack in Korea but it can easily be served as a light meal. If you add extra sugar, it can be a great dessert as well. The dish is called Neulgeun Hobakjeon in Korean: "Neulgeun"=old, "Hobak"=pumpkin, "Jeon"=pancake).



Kindly take note that you need to register as a Kaki Korea Club member and complete your profile in order to join the class.


Korean Cooking Class is offered FREE of charge by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO). It will be conducted in English by an experienced Korean chef, Madam Shin (Shin Sonsengnim). Join our class at Korea Plaza to learn more about Korean traditional culture, while learning the secret recipe of Nalchial Bibimbap and Nelgeun Hobak Jeon.



Registration Closed on 14 March 2017

Shortlisted Student

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1 elainetanshien
2 Yoshiko Ishida
3 Susie Ng
4 JoanneLow
5 Margaret
6 Estelle
7 nurul
8 alikay87
9 tje0305
10 verasoo
11 Yana_Kamarudin
12 CheeFern
13 Peng
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15 mytonylee@gmail.com
16 JuneChong
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