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Places to discover in Gangwondo

21-October-2014 12:13:16

Visited Gangwondo which is a huge province in Korea and it h...

Korea MICE Media Fam Trip 2014

16-July-2014 20:11:00

New destination for corporate incentive trip in Busan!! Exp...

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Where are some of the best places to enjoy winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding?

Korea’s east coast has numerous ski resorts for both skiing and snowboarding. Some also have casinos and hot spring available for those seeking entertainment after a day on the slopes. Some enormously popular resorts to visit are the award-winning High 1 Ski Resort (, Yongpyong Resort ( and the European-style complex of Phoenix Park ( Also, set against the magnificent scenery of Deogyusan National Park, Muju Resort ( is the country’s largest.

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car rental

hi there, i want to rent a car while travel to jeju but the problem is me and my travel companion don't have credit card. all car rental that i've search use credit card for payment. do you know if there is other option beside credit card..thanks
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